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AB 587-- Authored by Assembly Housing Committee Chairman Ed Chau, this bill addresses the issue of ensuring mobilehome owners have clear title to their homes.  It has been estimated that tens of thousands of mobilehome owners do not have clear title to their homes.  This could result in thousands of dollars in delinquent fees, taxes and penalties and the inability to transfer your home to a buyer at time of sale.  AB 587 will help to provide a comprehensive solution that is fair to everyone including mobilehome owners.  This bill will also help ensure this problem will not occur in the future.

STATUS-- Last amended date 04-30-2015. The bill has been re-referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Passed Assembly floor on 06/01/2015.  At the request of the author, the scheduled hearing for AB587 was canceled. Bill is now a two-year bill.  GSMOL continues to meet with Assemblymember Chau to address the legal and practical issues involved in the bill.

SB 1106-- Authored by Senator Connie Leyva, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Manfactured Homes and Community Development (HCD) to issue citations to mobilehome residents and park owners who do not correct health and safety violations.

STATUS-- May 3 - In Senate Appropriations Committee.