Legal Fund

Dear HMOA. Inc. Team,

Last year, much of the discussion at one of our HMOA, Inc. general meetings revolved around the growing concern over park owners continuing to take unfair advantage of residents as they wish to increase our rents beyond what is stipulated in the City of Hayward’s Mobilehome Rent Stabilization Ordinance. Thus far, five of our nine mobilehome parks have been hit hard with capital improvements and other rent increases and the reality of litigation is looming in several other parks. From our experience, we know that whatever affects these parks will eventually affect all of our parks throughout Hayward.

One major way to combat this travesty is to stand together and procure funds for legal defense. HMOA, Inc. has initiated such a fund, which consists of donations from individual members who are extremely concerned about our future. Several meetings ago we took a vote to solicit all of our parks to see if individuals and our park’s respective home owners associations would be willing to contribute money to this very important cause. A contribution of at least $5.00 per individual would be most appreciated!

Unlike our statewide mobilehome park organizations, all money collected for the HMOA, Inc. Legal Fund will be earmarked to help defray legal costs should any of our parks have to incur legal fees resulting from additional rents demands. The executive board along with our general membership will carefully scrutinize each request for legal funding, as we will all benefit from prudent decisions. If you would like to contribute, please contact your HMOA, Inc. park representative or Mary Dimsdale on 785-2571.