President's Message

Dear Hayward Mobilehome Owners Association, Inc. Members,

     On behalf of our Officers and Board, we sincerely hope all is well with you and your loved one throughout this incredibly stressful and difficult year.  We have missed socializing with all of you and the ability to share our concerns and challenges.  When the Covid-19 case numbers improve and the restrictions ease and lifted, we can begin thinking about how to resume our HMOA, Inc. general meetings together.

     However, there are several ways that we feel can help our members.  The HMOA, Inc. Board of Directors decided that the annual dues members paid for 2020 will carry over to 2021 so dues are waived until 2022.  Therefore, no one will receive a dues membership notification until January of 2022.  We all hope that the pandemic will terminate prior to this date.  However, should it persist, we will revisit this issue. 

     Secondly, although we are currently suspended for our usual Summer recess, several of our board members have been meeting with Hayward City Staff in order to create awareness of unfair and excessive billing issues that we found to be occurring in several of our parks.

     Lastly, I want to share with all of you that the Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Act initiated by California State Assembly Member Mark Stone, is now available for all California mobilehome residents.  This Act provides legal council for any mobilehome resident who feels that they are being unjustly treated by their park owner.  However, in order to provide adequate funding for this service, a $10.00 annual fee will appear on your rent statement.  Unlike what has occurred in the past, mobilehome park residents will be able to have their issues addressed in a timely and professional manner.  If the park owners fail to meet the required due dates, they will incur monetary penalties.  To learn more about this process and the people involved please access




     The Hayward Mobilehome Owners Association was founded in 1979 by the late Vincent M. Haertel, a community leader and resident of Spanish Ranch I Mobilehome Park.  Mr. Haertel realized the need to bring Hayward's nine Mobilehome Parks together under one organization in order to more successfully defend, protect and preserve our unique lifestyle as we are both home owners as well as renters. In the early 1980's, Mr. Haertel, together with other prominent community leaders, worked closely with the City of Hayward to create our City's Mobilehome Space Rent Stabilization Ordinance to protect park residents from unfair rent practices. The most significant component of the Ordinance was the establishment of rent control.

      2003  INCORPORATION-- HMOA, Inc. was incorporated under California's Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation Law as a category 501(C4), Social Welfare Entity.(Would you believe that our approval was personally signed by none other than the very infamous Lois Lerner?!!) 

      Incorporation not only strengthens our organization, but it protects individual park residents from being sued by a park owner.  In addition to attaining Federal tax exemption status, we are also registered with California's Department of Justice, Registry of Charitable Trusts.

      2004  CREATION OF HMOA.NET-- This website is important to all Hayward mobilehome residents in that it provides information pertinent to our very unique lifestyle.  In addition to information on our upcoming events, we have included a section entitled 'useful information' which provides information on many topics. Additionally, HMOA.NET provides updates on Municipal and State legislation activity as it applies to mobilehome living.

      2004  MANDATORY MEET AND CONFER-- Shortly after achieving California State and Federal exemption status, the HMOA, Inc. Amendments Committee enlisted the Hayward City Staff, Mayor Roberta Cooper and members of the Hayward City Council to approve a process whereby mobilehome residents contesting rents or other disputes, could meet with their respective park owners to work through the issues.  This significantly streamlined the arbitration process and mobilehome residents were spared the exorbitant costs associated with procuring legal council.  We also initiated an amendment whereby, if a dispute could not be resolved and had to proceed to mediation, the resident and park owner would jointly chose from a pool of five qualified mediators through a process of elimination.  To further simplify the arbitration process, we eliminated the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (ADR) from the Space Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

     2004  CREATION OF THE EMERGENCY CONVERSION ORDINANCE-- The new owner of Continental Mobilehome Park decided it would be in his best interest to convert Continental to another use. This action would displace the residents of 198 mobilehomes.  As many of these residents were seniors, the elderly/and or disabled, they would have to relocate to alternative housing.  HMOA together with the City Attorney formulated an emergency conversion ordinance to ensure that those park residents would receive an equitable relocation settlement funded by the park owner. Mayor Cooper and the Hayward City Council unanimously approved the ordinance forcing the park owner to withdraw from pursuing the park conversion!

     2005  ELIMINATION OF THE TRUST MECHANISM-- Under the original provisions of Hayward's Mobilehome Rent Space Stabilization Ordinance, park owners were permitted to establish a 'trust' account in their names whereby park residents were required to prematurely pay for such things as capital pass-thru improvement projects.  HMOA regarding this activity as an illegal  'taking' and worked closely with the City Attorney's Office, Mayor Cooper and the Hayward City Council to remove this outrageous practice from our Ordinance.

     2005  CREATION OF OUR UNIQUE MOBILEHOME ZONING CONFIGURATION-- We also succeeded in getting our nine Hayward parks under The City of Hayward's General Plan which created our own unique zoning classification. What this accomplished was to make conversion from a mobilehome park to another use far more difficult for a park owner. This early success was followed in May of 2014 by Hayward City Council's unanimous approval of the our Mobilehome Conversion Ordinance which is one of the most comprehensive in the State!

     2005  INTRODUCTION OF THE VINCENT M. HAERTEL COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD-- HMOA, Inc., wanted to honor an outstanding Hayward citizen who was dedicated and steadfast in their support of Hayward's mobilehome community.  We chose to honor former Hayward Councilmember, Doris Rodriquez as our inaugural recipient.  The presentation award was followed by a reception in Doris' honor. 

     2013  SAFEGUARDED HAYWARD'S FIVE REMAINING SENIOR PARKS FROM ANY POSSIBILITY OF CONVERSION TO ALL-AGE-- This was accomplished as a result of a judgment by the Ninth-Circuit Court of Appeals.  On April 25, 2013 HMOA , Inc. Members packed the Hayward City Council Chambers for the Hayward Planning Commission Meeting and upon hearing testimony from the Hayward Mobilehome Community, the Planning Commission unanimously supported the requested safeguards.  Additionally, the Planning Commission concluded that we seniors "we're not couch potatoes" after all!!  Mayor Sweeney and the Hayward City Council followed the Planning Commission's lead and approved the proposal, thus making Hayward the State's first major city to secure these safeguards.  The decision represents a 'win-win' for the Hayward Mobilehome Community and for the City as one of Hayward's major commitments is securing affordable senior housing to accommodate our City's rapidly expanding senior population. 

     2014  COMPREHENSIVE MOBILEHOME PARK CONVERSION ORDINANCE-- HMOA, Inc. met with members of the Hayward City Staff to formulate significant upgrades to the 2004 Emergency Conversion Ordinance. By extracting the most favorable aspects of existing statewide conversion ordinances, we constructed a conversion ordinance which ranks as one of the most comprehensive in the State.  The ordinance was unanimously approved by Mayor Sweeney and the Hayward City Council.

     2014  FORMER MAYOR MICHAEL SWEENEY WAS PRESENTED WITH THE VINCENT M. HAERTEL AWARD for his exemplary contributions to the City of Hayward and for his continuing support of Hayward's Mobilehome Community.  A reception in Michael's honor followed the presentation.

     HMOA, Inc. holds five general meetings per year and we rotate meeting venues throughout our nine parks.  We break during the Summer months.  As one of our major focus is the sharing and exchange of information, a portion of every meeting is devoted to an "open forum". This allows folks to communicate their concerns.   
and sometimes someone from another park might have encountered the same problem or a similar problem and can be of help.

     Our meetings feature guest speakers who have addressed numerous issues.  We have had our Police and Fire Department Chiefs, our Mayor and City Council Members and City Staff.  We have also had speakers from our local animal shelter and from the Fraud Division of the Hayward Police Department.

     Our HMOA, Inc. Board consists of a President, Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Publicity Chairman.  

     Annual dues are only $5.00 per year per household and any amount collected in excess of $5.00 goes into our legal fund.

     So, if HMOA, Inc. can be of assistance with regard to mobilehome issues or concerns, please share them with us at our next HMOA, Inc. general meeting. Or just come by to enjoy some coffee and donuts with members of your mobilehome community. 

                            By working together we CAN and ARE making a difference!